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Our love letter

1974. The year a traveling businessman from Guadeloupe crossed paths with an American girl on holiday. And the beginning of a story that would last a lifetime.

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Roger and Brook Lacour fell deeply in love with each other, and St. Barth. So they decided to make their lives on the island. 

The young couple wanted to share their beautiful island home and the best villas in St. Barts with the world, whilst preserving the unique culture and pristine environment. After a year, they created Sibarth – home of the very best luxury villa rentals St. Barts has to offer. 

Nearly five decades and over five hundred Saint Barthélemy rentals later, the love story continues. Roger and Brook Lacour have welcomed their son Ashley and his wife Kristina as the next generation of Sibarth leadership to run their iconic St. Barts villa rentals. Together with their dedicated employees, Ashley and Kristina’s passion for luxury villa rentals and their unparalleled connections to the island’s people and culture, combined of course with the unrivaled villa hire we offer, gives Sibarth a unique edge.

Sibarth’s aim is to help you get the most out of your island stay and discover the villas St. Barths offers that we’ve grown to love so much. While Sibarth is our love letter to the island, everything we do is to help you write your own. Starting with your St. Barts vacation rentals. 

Today, we manage our St. Barts villa rentals from our newly refurbished Gustavia office, which sits within the walls of the historic La Maison Suédoise. There’s no better place for us to stay in tune with the rhythm of the people, the culture of the Caribbean, the island’s hidden gems and of course the villas St Barths offers, than the capital of the island. Our office sits within the walls of the historic La Maison Suédoise monument, its courtyard, and the more modern building in the back. La Maison Suédoise itself, which was built in 1841 by the merchant John Hodge Bryan, is a hallmark for the passing of time and a celebration of continuity, design and purpose.

If you’re in the area, please stop by and we can show you our beautiful St Barts rentals.


The indigenous call it Ouanaloa, the French say Saint Barthélemy or St. Barth, and to the English it's known as St. Barts. For us, it's simply called home.

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As the first St. Barts villa rentals company based here, we know every inch of the island – from the ideal sunset spot to where the pirate treasure is buried. We also know a thing or two about the luxury St. Barths villas that are found on our shores

At Sibarth, we understand that true luxury means having a wide range of St. Barts villas to choose from. It’s about having the best villa rentals St. Barts can offer and being able to cater to every need, no matter what kind of vacation or  St. Barths villa rental you’re after.

Thanks to our dedicated staff and expert local knowledge, we provide our guests with the most bespoke experiences and luxury villas St. Barts has to offer. From sourcing your favorite vintage wine to curating and booking a personalized itinerary of activities, there really is no request too big or small.

This is our island, your way.

Relax and enjoy your St. Barts vacation villa.

Luxury villas need luxury services, and we pride ourselves on offering the very best.

Getting the perfect St. Barts luxury villa rental for your holiday is important, but you need the first class service to go with it. After all, how else will you make the most of your time on our beautiful island and your St. Barts luxury villa?

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From the moment you place your reservation, right until you step onto your plane back home, we’re here to help you make the most of your stay in our St. Barts villas.

We’re very proud of our fantastic team of people whose dedication and expertise allows us to provide you with an unparalleled level of service when enjoying your villa rental at St. Barts.


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Find your perfect slice of paradise among an endless choice of St. Barts luxury villas.

Are you looking for quaint Saint Barts villas, or a contemporary mansion? The only downside of having all of the best St. Barts real estate is that it can be a little tricky knowing which one to go for. At Sibarth, we have unparalleled knowledge of the luxury villa rentals St Barts offers and won’t rest until you’ve got your dream one. [Less]

In order to help you have your ideal island getaway, we’ve sorted some of our finest St. Barts villa rentals into these helpful collections. So please, flick through, find your perfect St Barts villa, rent it and enjoy the holiday of your dreams.

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No two places on St. Barth are the same. Every corner of our island has its own unique feel, charm and magic. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat, to be surrounded by nature, or to be right at the center of it all, we have St. Barts villa rentals for everyone.

St Barth is where Roger and Brook’s love blossomed, and they aren’t the only ones. Ever since they founded Sibarth, our luxury villa rentals have welcomed many enamored explorers.

You may be after that perfect place to propose, an idyllic St Barts honeymoon villa, or just a bit of time with the one you love. Whatever your reason, these are the ultimate luxury villas St Barts has and are ideal for couples after an intimate island hideaway. There really are no better St. Barts villas for rent for a romantic retreat.

Whether you fancy treating the children (and yourselves of course) to sun, sand and sea, or having a large get-together with a group of old friends, we have the St Barts villa rentals for you.

This collection features some of the best large luxury villa rentals St Barts has, ideal for those bigger and busier vacations. They have sociable living areas, but enough quiet corners for everyone to get on with their holiday reading, meaning that you all get the rest and relaxation  you want.

So please, enjoy the island, your St. Barts villa or a little alone time. This is our island, your way.

These St Barts villas are examples of outstanding architectural design, creating modern oases that will have you believing you’re in a dream. The chic interiors of the St Barts private villas range from high-tech to simple and minimalist.

They bring a little bit of 21st Century style to the island, yet despite their contemporary architecture, all St. Barts rentals manage to blend seamlessly into the beautiful landscape.

Whatever style you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in one of our St Barts villas for rent.

Shut your eyes and picture paradise. These quintessentially Caribbean luxury villa rentals are the kinds of place you are probably imagining.

Our island is home to beautifully traditional properties that provide all the things you would expect from a luxury St Barts villa. You don’t have to sacrifice modernity for authenticity with these classically Caribbean properties.

Enjoy your holiday in one of our St. Barts luxury villas, and discover an authentic island experience.

Of course, no picture postcard of paradise would be complete without a scenic shore. Luckily, Saint Barthélemy is blessed on this front.

This collection features some sublime St Barts villas on the beach, where your closest neighbors are a school of tropical fish. Step right out onto beautiful golden sands, cool off in the turquoise sea and drink in your idyllic surroundings. It’s hard to get a more luxurious St. Barths villa than these.

With Sibarth, you’re sure to enjoy the sun, sea and one of the finest villas St. Barths has to offer.

Our island is not just sea and sand; there’s a lively town waiting to give you a warm Caribbean welcome.

The St Barts luxury villas in this collection are close to boutiques, bars, restaurants and all of the action in our capital, Gustavia. It is also where you will find the beautiful harbor, our homely office and dedicated team taking care of the finest villas St Barts has.

They make our golden sands ever so slightly more golden, give our glistening sea an extra shimmer or two, and make Saint Bathélemy even more magical.

You will be hard pressed to miss one of the island’s dramatic sunsets, but in these St Barts vacation rentals, everything aligns perfectly in order to see that sinking sun. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine in the company of a loved one or two on your St. Barths villa rental.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset from your luxury St Barts villa.

Our St. Barts luxury rentals are hard to top, but we do try.

Don’t tell anyone, but we have some Saint Barts villas that come with a few extra extras. You could get a discount, a free rental car, a complimentary breakfast, or even a private chef service brought right to your St. Barts villa.

This group contains some of the best luxury villa rentals St. Barts can boast and are sure to play host to a vacation you’ll never forget. We’re sure these will have you running back looking for another St Barths villa to rent next year.

Luxury villas – new to us, new to you, new to St. Barts.

To all the trailblazers and explorers, we invite you to tread untrodden paths and experience never-before-seen St. Barts villas.

Whether large or small, on the beach or in the town, modern or traditional, this collection has the latest and greatest St Barts villas for rent.

With a final lick of paint, they’re fresh to the market, ready to be discovered. Check out the absolute newest villa rental St Barts and Sibarth can offer.

It's a good day to feed apples to the turtles and hibiscus to the iguanas

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