Our love letter

The indigenous call it Ouanalao, the French say Saint Bathélemy or St Barth, and in English it’s known as St. Barts. For us, it’s simply called home.

As the first St Barts villa rentals company based here, we know every inch of the island, from the ideal sunset spots, to where the pirate treasure is buried. We also know a thing or two about the vacation villas.

At Sibarth, we understand that true luxury means more than having a wide range of St Barth villas. It’s about having the best villas St Barts can offer and being able to cater to every need, no matter what kind of vacation or rental villa you’re after.

Thanks to our dedicated staff and expert local knowledge, we provide our guests with the most bespoke experiences and best vacation villas St Barts has to offer. We can arrange your island activities and events, find your favourite vintage of wine for your fridge and organise a personal butler. There really is no demand too big or detail too small, all you have to do is ask.

This is our island, your way. Relax and enjoy your St Barts vacation villa.

Our history


In 1974, when a businessman visiting from Guadeloupe crossed paths with an American girl on holiday, neither could have guessed it was the start of a love story that would last a lifetime.

Roger and Brook Lacour fell deeply in love with each other and St. Barth. They decided to make their lives on the island and Sibarth was created a year later. The young couple wanted to share their beautiful island home with the world, but in such a way so as not to destroy the unique culture and pristine environment they were now such a part of.

The love story continues, as over four decades later, Roger and Brook Lacour welcomed their son Ashley Lacour and his wife Kristina as the next generation of Sibarth leadership. Together with their dedicated employees, Ashley and Kristina’s passionate enthusiasm for an unparalleled connection to the culture and people of the island, gives Sibarth a place in the heart of all who visit.


The love story continues over four decades later with Roger and Brook Lacour’s son Ashley Lacour, and his wife Kristina now the second generation of Sibarth leadership.

Ashley and Kristina met in the summer of 2007 and have since been inseparable, with their love for each other naturally spilling over to their work.

After meeting, Ashley who was born and raised on St. Barth and Kristina from Bulgaria, studied together in Brighton on the South coast of England. After 3 years, they moved to St. Barth to start their Sibarth adventure. Since taking over the family business, they’ve preserved the family’s values and respect for the island and its people, while carefully intertwining technology and innovation to the traditional savoir-faire.

For the pair, St. Barth is like living in a fairytale. “Sibarth is a gift we received which we continue to cherish and nurture.” They feel it’s an opportunity to share the charm and magic of St. Barth with visitors and help each one create their own love story!

La Maison Suedoise

Now home to the Sibarth office and apartments, the Swedish House was built by a merchant, John Hodge Bryan, in 1841. The neoclassical influences and use of Swedish stone set this building apart from others of this era and defined Bryan’s wealth and prosperity.

Our apartments

Glamorous and exotic, right in the center of town

Sharing a name with the fabled city of gold, Eldorado (ELD) is a chic and comfortable apartment in the heart of Gustavia. The luxury property is part of one of the finest apartment complexes on the island of St. Barth, with luscious tropical gardens and a location that puts it within easy reach of restaurants, boutiques, and Shell Beach. 

The name Eldorado, in fact, comes from the motif on the living room wall. It is decorated with wallpaper from the renowned company Zuber, the oldest manufacturer of wallpaper in the world. The image was hand-printed with 19th-century wood blocks that are listed as French Historical Monuments. The other walls in the living room are painted in sky blue paint by Zuber, which picks up the sky in Eldorado and creates a seamless continuation

Likewise, the floor throughout the apartment, including in the two bathrooms, is parquet Versailles from Paris made with recycled wood. All of the carpets and a majority of the furniture are also antique. The abundant windows let in plenty of natural light, giving everything a golden glow. 

Historic, personal, and memorable

These days, it is not so easy to find a historic place to stay in St. Barth. Often, that is a good thing. But for guests who crave a bit of history and a more personal connection to the island, there is the newly completed apartment Swedish House (SWE). It is a passion project that is very dear to the hearts of the principals of Sibarth. 

The two-bedroom apartment is directly above Sibarth’s office in Gustavia. It is one of the few remaining historical buildings in town, also known as La Maison Suédoise. Exclusively available through Sibarth, the luxury rental property is part of the Lacour family estate, which is comprised of several uniquely designed suites and apartments around a tropical garden in the heart of the city. This puts it within easy reach of Gustavia’s boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife. Shell Beach is just around the corner. 

Better yet, when you stay at the Swedish House, you are directly above the Sibarth Concierge team. They are ready to create all sorts of wonderful memories, everything from private wine tastings to windsurfing lessons. 

We took a garden as inspiration when we designed Greenhouse (GEN), a studio apartment in the heart of Gustavia, walking distance from the best restaurants, boutiques, and nightlife. It is part of the Lacour family estate, which comprises several uniquely designed suites and apartments around a tropical garden, as well as Sibarth’s headquarters—meaning our concierge team is right there to assist with practical matters or unforgettable surprises all over St. Barth. 

Inside the luxury rental property, there is a strong sense of easy island living. It is a vacation home where you can kick off your shoes and let your guard down. The interior continues the feeling of a garden, as the walls are painted Carriage Green. And when you open the windows, you can smell fragrant flowers and listen to birdsong.

Greenhouse is a simple place to simply chill out with a movie you have been wishing to see or a novel you have been wanting to read (but never had time for in your everyday life). It is a place to cook meals together in the well-equipped, good-sized kitchen—complete with a cute 1950s-style SMEG oven. We kept things calm to create a place for you to write your own story. 


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