‘The island has so many surfing spots that we can visit two or three in a day. If the wind changes we can change spots. That’s the easy thing here.’

Surfing is one of St. Barth’s most popular water sports. Different spots exist for surfers of all abilities and the warm waters mean even children can surf from sunrise to sunset nearly all year around. It’s no Hawaii, but during hurricane season bigger swells come in from the north-east, and the island’s size means if the waves change you can simply move to another area. In a marked difference to many popular surfing islands, friendly relations between visitors and locals help keep surfing in St. Barth fun and safe for everyone.

St. Jean and Toiny are both great surfing beaches, and at Lorient you’ll get waves and the chance to visit the island’s surf hut. David Blanchard, a retired professional surfer who runs the hut, was born and raised on St. Barth. He now trains the next generation of young surfing stars and provides lessons for visitors of all ages and abilities.