Leanna Nemegyei

Leanna Nemegyei

Leanna Nemegyei

Concierge Islander since 2010 concierge@sibarth.com

Nationality (Or what nationality do you feel)

French citizen, borned in Paris but raised in St Barth. Always felt like a caribbbean person since St Barth was my first home.

How long have you lived on St. Barth?

12 years

Earliest St. Barth memory

Living in Le Taiwana which was my grandfather's hotel. Spending everydays there, playing around on Flamands beach with my dogs. Living up the hill ocean front and hearing the sounds of the waves crashing everynights.

Favourite dish, drink, beach and view?

Coconut water or pina colada and BBQ lobster with sauce chien. Favorite beach is Colombier, and favorite view is driving down to Gouverneur, or Gustavia harbor for the sunset.

Secret St. Barth location?

Grand fond morne

When you’re not at work, where will we find you?

At the beach for sure

Do you surf?

I wouldn' really say that I surf but at least I try

Favorite style villa?

Bright and modern, a mix of classy Tulum style and a cosy surfer's house, with an oustide bath or shower, an outdoor space, and the ocean view

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