Nicolas Aubin

Nicolas Aubin

Nicolas Aubin

Concierge Islander since 1998

Nationality, or what nationality do you feel?

I'm officially from St. Barth (born & raised), but especially proud of my Colombian heritage.

Earliest St. Barth memory?

The first time I learned to swim, next to my father’s boat in Colombier.

Favourite dish, drink, beach and view?

Lobster and seafood tagliatelle, passion fruit punch, Gouverneur Beach and the view from the top of Vitet at sunset.

Secret St. Barth location?

On the benches facing the surf spot of Toiny.

3 vacation must-haves?

Roucou oil, sunglasses and a good book.

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It's a good day to feed apples to the turtles and hibiscus to the iguanas

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